When Laine Sullivan, an undercover NOVAS operative, takes a mission in Ireland, she is faced with unraveling the murder of thoroughbred horses. She uses her interior designer cover to work for a handsome, wealthy racehorse owner and breeder, Miles Bourke. He hires her to design a party room in his lighthouse tower on his remote island in Ireland. Her investigation of him turns into a romantic affair that is surrounded by murder, money laundering, and drugs. To complicate matters, Laine discovers the “big boys” in the horseracing business may also be behind the “milkshaking” atrocities on the racetrack. As she embarks on her quest for the truth, she questions her sanity when she thinks she sees her dead husband alive. This vision leads her to dangerous implications about his death.Burke launches unforgettable characters enmeshed in a psychological journey that includes the mysterious death of Laine’s husband and a diabolical presence in the largest horse racing and breeding syndicate in Ireland, France, and Saudi Arabia. What unfolds is an adventure filled with twists and turns as Laine pursues an elusive murder or murders as more lives are taken every minute. The plot unfolds with the killing of a priceless horse the minute she sets down in Miles’s helicopter on Blackrock Island.